• Date: 2017. 9. 20 (Wed) – 9. 24 (Sun) (for 5 days)
• Venue: Tamna Culture Square in Jeju City
Main Programs

Praying for the success of the Festival

Division Major Contents
Mandeokje The rite of honoring the sublime will of the high representation of sharing and mercy
Tamna Gaebyeoksinwije The rite of announcing the beginning of the festival to Tamna Gaebyeokshinwi in the Samseonghyeol, the birthplace of the history
Opening event The symbolic event, opening the prelude of festival with the determination of Jeju residents' wellness and the Renaissance of Jeju culture- the road opening of Tamna cultural, the event before the ceremony, opening performance, celebration performance, etc.
Closing event Awards ceremony and celebration performances such as Folk arts

jeju cultural masquerade festival

Division Major Contents
Tamna cultural masquerade parade ‧ Festival, announcing local culture in harmonious communication with residents
- Tamna culture masquerade performance, masquerade parade
Cultural road The street performance of participants, participating with various forms such as diverse cultures, specialties, myths, and cultural assets.

Jeju culture archetype festival

Division Major Contents
Intangible cultural asset festival Experience and demonstration of artistic skills that intangible assets, sports features
- Jeju Gut, Jeju folk songs, Gatil, Manggeon, Tanggeon, pottery, Jeju Sake manufacturing, Choga-burial, guest performance, etc
Jeju Culture Exhibition The culture exhibition hall of Jeju
- Tamna cultural festival history exhibition, The life tools of Jeju residents, Jeju female divers, exorcism (Gut), culture
Jeju Dialect Festival The Language Festival of keeping Jeju dialect, which is the prototype of Hangul that holds a lot of vocabularies and savory expressions
- Speaking, storytelling, poetry, singing and drama competitions, etc

Folk Art Festival

Division Major Contents
Folk Arts Festival Festival of excavation and succession of Tamra rhythm and dancing steps
- Traditional folk performance named 'Geolgung,' folk song, folk arts, etc in which 8 groups of administration representatives participate.
Student Folk Arts Festival Festival, enhancing the learning effects of cultural arts, in which elementary, middle, and high school students within the province
- Elementary school contest for the traditional Korean percussion music, the middle school contest of folk masquerade, high school arts contest, etc

Participatory Cultural Festival

Division Major Contents
Arts& Culture Festival Experiential event of exchanging, communicating, and enjoying through the art works of free creators, Jrju artists and audiences
- Performance events, art experiential events, guest performances, etc.
Cultural Exchange Festival The festival for the solid friendship of artists and participants in exchange of culture
- Friendship festival between Korea and China, the cultural exchange at home and abroad
* Domestic: Gangneung Farming Music, Seoul Performing Arts, Chungju City Wooreuk Gukakdan, Taekkyondan
* International: Sri Lanka, Japan, China, Bulgaria, Germany, etc
Youth Cultural Festival Competition performances, in which youth clubs participate.
- Youth Arts Contest, Arts talent contest, Literary writing contest, students' participation events, etc
Culture- Experiential Event The experiencing and learning festival of diverse cultures through the body
- A variety of exhibitions and experience events such as arts and cultural experience events
Participatory Culture Event Moving Museum, Jeju farming cultural events, National folk song competition, Jeju International Natural Art Exhibition, the outdoor advertising exhibition of winning prizes, Jeju literature exchange exhibition of six metropolitan cities, The exhibition of potted plants, Tamra flea market, Jeju Academic Conference, etc.