• Date: 2017. 9. 20 (Wed) – 9. 24 (Sun) (for 5 days)
• Venue: Tamna Culture Square in Jeju City
Event Outline


In the island of Jeju, where the world natural heritage and unique island culture can be experienced, the most representative traditional festival of Jeju, also known as You and Me Hanmadang Festival, will take place. Tamna Cultural Festival, on the basis of its half a century old history and Jeju’s wonderful natural environment, will present the quintessence of Tamna culture, which boats a history and tradition of thousand years, to over one thousand visitors from home and abroad this year again, and to which all participants are invited to become a part of the fund and festivities.

Tamna Cultural Festival has become the most representative festival of Jeju Island, a major international tourist destination, and it should now grow into a festival that preserves and passes down the Tamna cultural heritage such as the world intangible cultural heritage, Jeju Chilmeoridang Yeongdeunggut, a ritual performed by shamans to pray for calm seas, an abundant harvest and a plentiful sea catch.

We, Jeju Islanders, have prepared for the festival with our utmost care and attention to carry on Jeju’s unique culture that have been cultivated, enhanced and participated for generations. All of you who love Jeju Island are cordially invited to join this festival. Please come and enjoy the culture of Jeju Island!
A huge welcome to Tamna Cultural Festival!
Head of the Festival: Gang Chang-hwa

Event Information

The 56th Tamna Cultural Festival
  • Period: Sep. 5, 2017. (Wed.) ~ Sep. 9(Sun.) 〔5 days〕
  • Location: Whole areas of Jeju Special Governing Province (Major Event Hall - Topdong Plaza in Jeju province)
  • Theme: Life of Tamna People, Renaissance of Jeju Culture
    • - Slogan: Cultural kingdom, Tamna, Be exhilarated!
    • - Jeju Dialect: "Let's have a fun together and be a cat at night when you go home"
  • The Contents of the Festival Organization
    • - Praying for the success of the Festival : Tamna Gaebyeoksinwije (rite for the progenitors of Tamna), Mandeokje (rite of commemorating Kim Man-deok)
    • - Jeju Culture masquerade festival: Tamna culture masquerade festival, the festival of cultural road
    • - Jeju Culture Archetype Festival: Intangible Cultural Asset Festival, Jeju Cultural Heritage Festival, Jeju Dialect Festival, etc
    • - Folk Arts Festival: Folk Arts Festival, Student Folk Arts Festival, etc
    • - Participatory Cultural Festivals: Arts & Culture Festival, Youth Cultural Festival, Cultural Exchange Festival, Participatory Experiential Event, Participatory Cultural Event, etc
  • Host /Supervision
    • Host: The Federation of Artistic and Organization of Korea, Jejudo Association
    • Supervision: The 56th Tamna Cultural Jeju Promotion Committee